What are Certificates?

Certificates are Certified Physical Wallets included with private keys that are hooked into our Earnings Faucets.
Unique to it's own valuation and represented by it's public address and purchase. The network relays earnings to it's withdrawal keys. You should never share your sweep (withdrawal) code! Anyone with access to your certificate can claim funds. Unclaimed funds are property of Centered Servicing until claimed.

Making Withdraws

In order to withdraw funds safely from your certificate, the recommended app to use is the Bitcoin.com wallet or Electrum. You'll be able to withdraw from your certificate and transfer it how you like.

Check out the FTX Exchange to convert your new Bitcoin Cash into alternative coins.

Bonus Deposits

Periodically, larger than average gains are deposited to the community.

Anyone wishing to donate funds to be divided equally to all participants of all certificates may do so by sending Bitcoin Cash to the provided address. This wallet divides all deposits to all addresses connected to the server.


Each network represents different levels of value.
All networks are independent from each other and receive gains specific to it's network.
Upgrade costs are one time fees for allowance connection transfer, there is no end date for deposits.
Any funds created by the sale of certificates are used in that certificate's network account. Centered Servicing and operators do not make any withdraws or network payments if the valuation of the network is under it's input. All networks follow the same definitions for divided network payments.

Network Profit Payout Distribution Guidelines:
%80 Divided To All Certificates.
%15 Reinvested To Build The Network's Main Account
%5 Allocated to Centered Servicing Earnings

To prevent fraud, participants must have a physical branded certified wallet provided by Centered Servicing with a Unique ID Number.
All funds must be removed from the certificates before January 1st, of each year at exactly 00:00:01 Eastern Time.
Any funds left on certificates will be deemed as unappreciated funds.
These funds will be revoked and divided equally to all certificates on all networks as a bonus.
Please note that once you withdraw from your certificate, we can not assure the safety of your profits as they are 100% controlled by you at that point.

Certificates may take up to Seven Days to arrive. The moment you make a purchase you will receive any future deposit, even if the certificate hasn't arrived.